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Scratch N Turntablism

Truly great DJ's punctuate musicality, originality, skill and dedication. If you possess these qualities you have the right to call yourself a turntablist; one who uses the turntable as an instrument.

Turntablism, to me is musicality with an essence of creativity. A lot of DJ'S including myself possess less musical training, most just feel when something is right, and this is true of most turntablists. From two tracks blending in perfect sync to some highly complex scratch patterns, the essential result must be musical and not noise.The Art of turning noise to Music.. this is turntablism

The position of pitch control, direction of the record with the nudge of the cross fader can end up producing a Martian language, and has influenced many eccentrics to cross the barriers of scratching thereby creating a new communication to the audience

The finesse in scratching lies in perfect chopping and some have this unique trademark style, patterns are held together in a constant flow by quick hand movements so each has a unique or different style.

Beat juggling was first heard from the World DMC Champ, CUTMASTER SWIFT, suddenly an aura of the DJ as a magician came into being.

Creativity skill hard work and dedication go hand in hand, take the turntable and use it as an instrument, for the talent to really show you have to put in a serious amount of time

Practice, more practice, and even more practice is the key.

The turntablist can make you listen to familiar records in a new dimension, for starters how about a funky instrumental layered over some nasty rap lyrics, now re-arrange the vocals by memorizing the position of the label- end result – the DJ has turned musician.

Every Turntablist must be adventurous to release that high, concocted to that perfectly intoxicated mix.

If you have the relentless quest to achieve the distinction of being a turntablist or what I call "The DJ Musician" get ready to spend—a lot of time.

Azaredo Acoustics "THE PRO DJ SCHOOL" motivates by demonstration and example to inspire The Futuristic DJ

We have no other Branches, though some of our ex-students attempt to teach.

After completing the Scratch and Turntablism course the student may want to take part in the WORLD DMC COMPETITION

The brief for the course mentioned below:

  2. The Course (Monday - Thursday)
    Timing: 5 pm TO 7 pm
    2 Months (conditions apply)
    Student must possess THE DJ SCRATCH CONSOLE to practice everyday. Admission by invitation only and for students of AZAREDO ACOUSTICS This course is conducted on the same console as the WORLD DMC STANDARDS


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