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DJ Competion Course

THE WORLD DMC DJ Competion Course

Every year the DMC of UK holds the best DJ Competition in the world. The Mecca of a DJ Crown, Each country sends one representative to participate at the Final of the WORLD DMC COMPETITION held in the UK or elsewhere sometimes.

The Finalist from each country may have to compete among a few thousand participants before he or she can represent their country at the Finals, such is the race to reach the final stage

The USA has around 50 states each state having endless counties and each county conducting its own preliminary round to represent the county, the counties come together to represent their state and the states come together to represent the USA . This is humongous .At the end the USA sends one participant. This happens in all countries, so the finalist at the WORLD DMC CHAMPIONSHIP is a stage full of thoroughbreds.

Can you reach here??? many have aspirations to, many have dreamed of this destination, this is Nirvana for the turntablist

Can you reach there, WHY NOT, if you allow your dreams to turn reality, if you follow your passion and if you have the zest to achieve comes with only practice.

The Course is fun creative and hard work. Learn the art of scratching and take it to your next gig, be different, be the one that attracts attention

Hundreds of DJs mix music and spin tracks, few perform amd very few scratch. Scratching on turntables or digital players brings the best in you, it takes you to a level beyond the ordinary

Stay tuned and blend with creativity, use that vocal sample like an instrument, beat juggle with a drum pattern to create your own.Yet you havent even touched the surface, the tactics are endless,


This course is entitled to only Ex-Students of Azaredo Acoustics. It combines the magic of mix and the art of scratch.

Course Duration: 2 months (Monday to Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm)

The final for The Indian DMC Competition is an or around july. With the preliminary rounds starting early 2015

Azaredo Acoustics "THE PRO DJ SCHOOL" motivates by demonstration and example to inspire The Futuristic DJ

We have no other Branches, though some of our ex-students attempt to teach.

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