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About us

Azaredo Acoustics now in its 20th year,was established in 1995 and was the first ever Real Professional DJ School to be opened in India In its years of training students many have achieved great heights.

Azaredo Acoustics “THE PRO DJ SCHOOL” is the first DJ school to be commended, approved, recommended and recognized by the very company Denon that makes the best PRO DJ gear.

A Certificate of Commendation was handed over this Institute in June of 2005

Azaredo Acoustics - "THE PRO DJ SCHOOL" was the first in the world, we were told, to achieve this feat from Denon - Japan.

With our dedication towards persistent high standards and upgrades in hardware, DENON OF JAPAN decided to visit us from Tokyo.

Our Certificate approved by DENON OF JAPAN is earned on merit only with a pass qualification of 70%

Azaredo Acoustic uses state of the art equipment for the DJ and constantly upgrades to meet World standards, in short the gear used at our studios is at par with DJ's in developed countries. Students enrolled train on the World Popular Technics 1200 TurnTables and the Denon and Pioneer CDJ system

The Studio also boast of the latest in software, and the constant State of the Art hardware in Drum Machines and Synthesizers.

The training school is run by Jo Azaredo, who was Professional DJ from 1982 to 1994. He worked with the Taj 1900s from 1982-1988 and Hyatt Regency (Delhi), at the Oasis from 1989 - 1991. Thereafter moved to MKOP Taj Palace (New Delhi) upto 1994.

Jo Azaredo was trained under Alan Jackson, one of UK's Best Remixers'

In 1996 Jo Azaredo moved to Melbourne Australia, to study FM Radio with the Melbourne Radio School.

Since then it has trained aspiring DJ’s from all over India, some from the UK, USA, South Africa, UAE, Muscat, Kenya. The quality of teaching, the syllabus, the Studio are at par with some of the best DJ Schools on the International circuit. Many IIM and IIT working professionals and MBA’s have enrolled and trained for our course.

Our High Standards Talks

Azaredo Acoustics "THE PRO DJ SCHOOL" is the only one where students before enrollment must clear a simple aptitude test and also honestly and polietly told to refrain admission if the student does not have a very keen ear for musicality and rhythm.

Students under 20 years are encouraged to bring in one or both parents during admission

The PRO DJ competition course has always produced winners. The PRO DJ Scratch course has made many a celebrity DJ.

Today many of our past students spin at the best of clubs in India and abroad. JO AZAREDO does all teaching and hands on training on a one to one basis only.

AZAREDO ACOUSTICS THE PRO DJ SCHOOL can proudly ascertain that in teaching students , Jo Azaredo always maintained a high quality in delivery.



Many Students trained at Azaredo Acoustics have turned out Champions in the Field. The Specialized DMC (Disco Mixing Club - UK) training that is conducts has created for students a visible platform in the Art of DJing.

DJ Lloyd and DJ Suketu both Mumbai's DMC winners have specially trained under Jo Azaredo. DJ Suketu, besides the regular PRO DJ Course in1995, DJ Suketu has also trained for the DJ Scratching Course. Under Jo Azaredo for two consecutive years 1996, 1997 he was trained for the DMC championships held in Mumbai to learn The Art of Scratching, Beat Juggling on the Technics 1200 decks. He was also one of those lucky students for whom I arranged for a two day SCRATCH WORKSHOP in London UK, with “CUTMASTER SWIFT” - THE DMC WORLD CHAMPION 1988

AZAREDO ACOUSTICS is today proud where DJ Suketu has taken the level of djing from mixing to remixing to production. Many aspiring students look upon DJ Suketu as an Icon to be followed. Well done Boy

"CUTMASTER SWIFT" was invited in 1996 to judge with Jo Azaredo and WIZCRAFT the first ever DMC DJ Scratch Competition. Suketu was constantly guided to use this art during his live DJ gigs, to create a new package in the art of Djing.

DJ Notorious ( Hardik) – pro dj course, DMC SCRATCH COURSE has also achieved fame with his remix bollywood hits, Hardik who spins in India and abroad thru the TOI event management company is grateful to date with the help he received to set foot with TIMES MUSIC. Today Hardik is a spinner all over the globe

DJ Sameer – PRO DJ MIXING COURSE 3 months, extended for free to 6 months for his aptitude and result, I clubbed him with DJ Suketu to help with AUDIO ELITE-

DJ 'G' – Girish – PRO DJ COURSE, DJ COMPETITION COURSE used to Spin at Enigma and now with POISON

DJ Vivek – PRO DJ COURSE, DJ COMPETITON COURSE Winner of the WAR OF THE DJ’s all India DJ Mohit Balani, who underwent the Radio Course at Azaredo Acoustics also heads an FM Station in Dubai as program Director. After which he was program director at STAR CITY FM Station in Mumbai for 2 years.

DJ Akil - Winner of the IIT MOOD INDIGO DJ COMPETITION for 2 years running 2004 2005. Today DJ Akil runs his own Institute at New BOMBAY

DJ Bunty - PRO DJ COURSE..Completed the course in half the time, today runs his own EVENT MNGNT Company..PLAN B and is a partner with two of the citiy's top clubs. DJ Bunty also known as B Projekt composed an album with Juggi D of the UK, Bunty studied Music Production with POINT BLANK in the UK I rate DJ Bunty as an excellent student who claimed best student

DJ REGI - Trained together with DJ Suketu for the DMC Competition. Also did well from the Pune sector. Today DJ Regi teaches at the TRUE MUSIC SCHOOL

DJ ANAMIKA (AGNI) - Finalist Mumbai WAR OF THE DJ’s 2005 , was chosen ‘’BEST STUDENT 2005’’, the first to achieve this Certificate.She is now in Hong Kong running her event company and spins bollywood

DJ PRAVEEN NAIR..Engineer by qualification, today Praveen is busy 20 days of the month spinning from Turkey to Thailand to Europe to all over...well done

DJ RINK.. hottest bollywood DJ trotting around the Globe.. has 5000 followers and even more fans

DJ SONIC SAGE... Sejal Kedar is a double graduate with an MBA working with a Multinational yet splits her time to practice and perform. Sejal was judged the best student for 2012 and 2013. She is a professionally trained singer who fools the audience with her voice into believing who is the real Adele.

Sonic sage is the perfect example of a female DJ. Modest, Simple, Classy Creative and a well brought up kid

DJ ANURAG CHADDHA .. Engineer from Doctor parents, went to UK to study at Point blank, today creates EDM at his New Bombay Studio, spins at the hottest clubs at the Palladium

DJ YASH CHANDIRAMANI.. Another topper from the Institute Yash at an early age when a teenager opened his own event company to promote sales and audience to top clubs in South Mumbai, today Yash also runs a restaurant which he plans to turn into a chain soon, his firther aspirations are to reach Hayward for his MBA ...good work

Students who underwent the DJ COMPETITON TRAINING COURSE for the WAR OF THE DJ’S with JO AZAREDO at the Pro DJ School always turned out winners- DJ Zenaida, DJ Anamika, DJ Vanessa, DJ Hardik DJ Kedar who was first runner up at the War of the DJs also an instructor at the True MUSIC SCHOOL

Students from UK, USA, South Africa, Dubai Kenya Muscat besides other parts of the Country have come in specially to do our courses.

Many students who trained and passed under Azaredo Acoustics are today's leading DJ's in Mumbai's Discotheques and Pubs.There are too many to mention, but we try and do justice to compliment all. DJ AAKASH Juhu, DJ SIDDARTH Juhu, DJ AMUL New Bbay, DJ ANAND Versova, DJ ARCHIT Lokandwalla to name a few



Today Ms Sejal Kedar goes by the stage name of SONIC SAGE, a post graduate with an MBA working for a high profile MNC , manages to find time to squeeze her gigs on weekends. Sonic Sage set aside her professional singing talent to complete her studies, but that does not stop her passion from bringing her voice to her DJ Console, she enacts her own mixes of Adel, Beyonce to name a few to render her own remix live. Sonic Sage besides singing calculated bars of her own mix, blends chords from her synth taking DJing to a level beyond the basic mix. Sejal Kedar is a decent well brought up kid who holds family values as her prerogative, her modesty, honesty, punctuality and respect for both work and people make her what she is. She is hard working and aims to achieve high standards.

AZAREDO ACOUSTICS THE PRO DJ SCHOOL takes pride to announce the many many students who have brought pride and respect to our institute. Like Miss Sejal Kedar, there are also many Suketus, B Projckts, DJ Buntys, DJ Praveen Nairs, DJ Anamikas, DJ Yash Chandiramanis etc

There are also many 17 year olds like DJ Archit, DJ Anand, DJ Siddarth who are brilliant with both work and academics and will take djing to another level of music production

Our very own DJ Dharshan Shah who is today with ICOM Malaysia composes mixes and produces what veterans thrice his age would do, his early step to blending classical and jazz with todays modern music has pleasantly surprised even his superiors..well done boy and we look forward to great compositions from you soon. Dharshan Shah like jo Azaredo, just bought the Moog sub 37 Analog Synth and produces his own sounds.